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Bootes Cosmic Messenger, UD, VCD1 (CD, TD, NA, NAJ) CAA, VER, TKN, RATI, RATN owned by Jackie Casally of Roebling, NJ

Mr. Boots was adopted from a local shelter in March of 2012, as a watchdog and pet. He was a feral half-Chow mix. Within a few weeks, he came out of his shell, and it soon became apparent that he was smart and bored easily. Walks and playtime weren't enough for him. “He used to rip the curtains off the windows and the tablecloth off the dining room table. He was a horrible little puppy!” said Jackie. “I would be exhausted, and he was still go-go-go.”

On the advice of a friend, they enrolled in obedience training, where Boots began to blossom. At the time, Jackie had no idea the AKC allowed mix breeds to compete. “We were soon bitten by the 'bug' and began to train and compete in many venues,” said Jackie. “His mind was like a sponge, eagerly absorbing everything I could throw at him.” 

Jackie and Boots completed their UD on Nov. 17, 2017, at the Lower Camden County Dog Training Club obedience trial under Judge Charles Marcantonio.