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MACH Wushu MXB MJS owned by Sue Vold of Leavenworth, KS 

Wushu is an All American that was rescued at 9 months of age. “His vet paperwork came with a bold statement across the top, TOO WILD TO EVALUATE,” Sue said. “We worked through his challenges with patience. It took a while for him to trust being touched and loved on, but once he figured it out, he craved more. When Wu was introduced to agility, it became his happy place, and it remains that way still.”

“In the beginning, agility was all about running, barking, and bounding over obstacles. Much to my (and some judges’) dismay there were flyoffs on the A frame and teeter, which simulated Olympic ski jumping, yet he came up barking and ready to go with each dismount. Wu was a wild man that loved the rush the agility course offered – he still does. He approaches the arena nonchalant but once he gets started, it’s game on. Occasionally he surprises me with a singular glide over the A frame -launching from and landing in the contact, but barking his way through a course remains his thing.”

He earned his MACH on April 15, 2023, in Blue Springs, MO. at All Star Dog Sports and has qualified for his second Nationals appearance.