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Pickle became part of my life when he was 4 weeks old and I found him in the middle of a road. He has been raised with Newfoundland dogs and was introduced to swimming and water rescue at a very early age (he thinks he is a Newfoundland).

In October 2014, Pickle passed the Newfoundland Water Dog Test (WD), and in October 2015 he passed the Newfoundland Water Rescue Test (WRD). This is the second of three working tests that the Newfoundland club offers. Because he is not a Newfoundland, Pickle only receives a certificate but not the title on his name.

The test is a pass/fail test; one mistake and you have failed. There are a total of six exercises.  In one, he is required to take a bumper to a boat where the steward grabs the attached rope, and then Pickle tows the boat to shore.

Another exercise involves three people in the water and one  calling for help. Pickle had to take a life ring to the person calling and tow that individual to shore.

Then Pickle and his handler ride out on a boat. The handler gets into the water and calls the dog. Pickle had to jump off the boat into the water and take his handler to shore. The other three exercises in the tests are just as hard.

Since Pickle weighs 65 pounds as opposed to Newfoundlands who weigh well over 100 pounds, these are not easy tasks. Pickle’s determination, strength and desire to please show what a special dog he is!

Next up, we are going for the most advanced water rescue certificate