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PACH Emmy Lue RA MXP12 MXPC MJPB PAX XFP T2BP CAX3 FCAT RATCH CGCA TKA FCAT owned by Jennifer Baiocco of Orlando, FL

Emmy is a 13-year-old mix who loves coursing and agility, and despite her age she is still going strong! Emmy was adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT in 2008. Eventually, she tagged along with a younger sibling to agility classes and was hooked! Through dog sports, Emmy found a sense of purpose and thrived, branching out from agility to several other sports. “Emmy fell in love with coursing the moment she first laid eyes on the lure several years ago, and it remains her favorite activity,” said Jennifer. She earned her FCAT on 12/1/2017 at the Winter Wonderland Cluster, hosted by the Kennesaw Kennel Club in Perry, GA. She also earned her CAX3 on the same day at the cluster’s CAT tests run by GANG Coursing.