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Sugar Creek’s Original CGC TKA CA FM owned by Tammy Bennett of Rock Hill, SC

Sugar just celebrated her 18th birthday, on July 4. The above picture was taken last year, a couple of months before her 17th birthday, earning her CA title at a Coursing Ability Test in Charlotte, NC. Sugar was Tammy’s flyball dog for years, and ultimately got her started in purebred Whippets. “I wanted another fast dog since Sugar was 10 years old at the time, but got caught up in showing, racing and lure coursing,” said Tammy.

“Sugar pushed me into dog sports rather than just companion house dogs and I owe so much to her for doing so. She still makes occasional visits to whippet race meets and training classes for obedience and agility, and sometimes at CATs and FAST CATs, but mostly just hangs at the house now. It just amazes me that this dog is still really healthy, gets around pretty good and is still earning titles at her advanced age. Who knows, we may go for a CGCA and CGCU this year.”