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Katie and her owner Debra White of Palatine, IL, have achieved the advanced level AKC Obedience title of Utility Dog (UD) as well as AKC Rally Excellent and AKC Agility titles!

Debra met Katie at an adoption fair and the then 6-month-old puppy moved in with her the next day. The herding dog mix had been picked up by animal control while running with a group of dogs. There was no room for her at the shelter but luckily she was saved by a rescue group before she could be euthanized.

In her early years, before the launch of AKC Canine Partners, she competed in agility, earning her championship in another agility venue. “She is retired from agility and enjoying obedience.  We have been fortunate to have excellent instructors in agility and obedience.  These individuals have developed her skill, confidence and love of sports,” Debra said.

“Katie is epileptic, but so far we’ve been able to work her obedience around the seizures and hope Katie can remain active in performance events for some time to come.”

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