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Snoopy, formally known as Legends Tally Ho RAE BN CD OA OAJ CGC, and his owner Lisa Walk of Cato, NY, have achieved the top AKC Rally title of Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) with many top scores. In addition, the team has earned AKC Obedience titles, AKC Agility titles and the AKC Canine Good Citizen title!

“Snoopy is a wonderful dog to enjoy AKC events with,” Lisa says.

He was about 6 months old when Lisa, a shelter volunteer, discovered him in the shelter and pulled him as a foster dog. “I quickly determined he had fantastic obedience and agility potential,” she said. “Snoopy is a great example of what you can do with your Canine Partners companion and a big thanks to the American Kennel Club for their support of mixed breed and rescue dogs.”

Snoopy earned his RAE title on March 29, 2014, following nine show weekends with many first place wins and a High Combined Rally win during his RAE quest. 

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