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photo by Rich Knecht

MACH Trippett’s Twist Of Fate CD BN RE MXB MJS MXF SWE SBM RATO CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Lisa Trippett of Denton, MD

About five years ago, sheer luck put Lisa on the road at the right moment to find Charlie, and it is why “Fate” became part of his name. She and her teenage son had left the house hours earlier than usual and found the dog running in the road where he was almost hit by a big truck. “Thank goodness he came to me when I called,” Lisa said.

The local animal control officer, a friend of Lisa’s, had received multiple complaints from neighbors about the dog being left outside, especially on this cold, windy weekend with many storm warnings. So, she knew exactly where he lived.

When Lisa went to return him, the owner asked her to put him outside in a kennel. Lisa offered to find him an indoors home instead, and the owner quickly accepted. “I had him back at my house in all of 30 minutes and knew he would never leave,” Lisa said. “He was nervous but very sweet. I fell in love with him instantly. My son jokes that he knew he was staying the moment we put him in our car. I say he was the best birthday present ever (my birthday was just a few days before this happened).

“Charlie was terrified of slick floors and even afraid of a jump bar lying on the ground when we started our agility training. Building his confidence and our bond was the first priority. I wasn’t sure I would be able to compete with him, but he quickly proved he could do it, and love it too,” Lisa said.


Lisa has been involved in competition dog sports since getting a push from an instructor years ago. Her encouragement and support changed a hobby to a passion. She competed in obedience and rally with previous dogs but after trying agility with another dog, it became her favorite sport. “Instructors who became friends grew my love of competition.”

“Charlie is the sweetest boy. He loves cuddling on the couch and hikes in the woods (nose to the ground) as much as the multiple AKC sports he competes in. He just wants to be by my side regardless of what we are doing.”

“He is one special little dog and my first agility champion, earning the MACH at the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club trial at Crown Sports Center in Fruitland, MD, on Oct. 1, 2022. He turned 8 in January,” Lisa said.