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Iyong Tapat Kaibigan FDC AD CAX 13 BCAT owned by Stephanie Markgraf of Graham, NC

On Saturday, November 17th at the Piedmont Kennel Club in Charlotte, NC, Kai hit lucky thirteen – CAX13 to be exact! He is the first All-American Dog to earn the AKC Coursing Ability Excellent 13 title for 325 runs, making him the most-titled All-American Dog in the Canine Partners program.

“Kai started chasing bunnies in January of 2013 and just finished his sixth year in the sport. Kai has traveled through twenty states to compete, adding Michigan and Mississippi this past year. He shows no signs of slowing down so he will continue his mission to chase bunnies after the holidays,” said Stephanie.

She adds, “Kai has had a lot of support along the way – handlers, transporters, and people stepping up when I have been physically unable to attend or participate in events. We would just like to thank everyone who has helped Kai remain top dog!”