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Seventeen-year-old Linnea Corlette and her All-American Dog, Reece, won first place in the Rally Advanced class with a nearly perfect score of 99 at the AKC Juniors Classic. The annual national competition spotlights junior handlers working with their dogs in Obedience and Rally. The event was held in December in Orlando, FL, in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and AKC Obedience Classic.

Name: Linnea Corlette

Age: 17

Hometown: Springfield, OH

Family: Tom & Tammy Corlette; brother, Tommy

How did Reece come into your family’s life?

“We got Reece from the local humane society at the age of 6 months old; she is currently she is 8 years old. We first found her cowering in the back of a kennel; when we pulled her out, we fell in love. She came home with us that day. We still don’t know her gene pool, but we do know she is a mix, and what of is always open for opinions.”

How did you get started in training Reece and involved in 4-H?

“We began Reeces’ training by taking her to ‘Puppy Pre-School’ and other local training classes around the same time we joined 4-H. All of my 4-H advisers were such a great help in aiding my training skills and Reece’s ability. I owe a lot of my skills to them, and for that I am grateful. My brother showed alongside me for many years, and he enjoyed it greatly. My Mom became an advisor and began helping other 4-Hers with their projects; she hopes to begin showing soon.”

What do you like best about working with Reece? In addition to Obedience and Rally, what other sports do you compete in with Reece?

“Reece is a true blessing. She started off my showing career and created my love for showing and training. She will always hold a special place in my heart.  I wouldn’t trade her for the world. With Reece I have competed in obedience, rally, 4-H showmanship, agility , and pet therapy. “

What titles/honors have you earned with Reece?

“Reece is an AKC Canine Good Citizen, and Reece has completed her AKC Rally Novice and Rally Advanced titles. In obedience she has titled in AKC Beginner Novice and Novice. Reece has done very well in 4-H as well as in agility. Reece, and myself were acknowledged by the Ohio Senate for our success in showmanship at our local fair in 2014. We love going to AKC shows; it’s always a good experience.”

How did you decide to enter the national AKC Juniors Obedience/Rally competition? You did so well at the competition – what contributed to your success at the event?

“This was my third year at the AKC Junior obedience/ rally competition. Three years ago my 4-H advisors, Lisa and Morgan, told me about the event and I just had to go. This year I took two dogs; Reece and Barley. Reece got first in her Rally Advanced class with a score of 99. I owe her success to all my years of consecutive training, and all the help I got along the way from everyone.”

Do you own any other dogs or pets? Any others that you compete with and in what sports?

“I currently have five dogs at the house, and I’ve shown three. Ginger, a Chow mix, was retired a few years ago. Therefore I currently show two, Reece and Barley. Barley is an Australian Shepherd; she is very active but extremely attentive and adorable. She has shown in obedience, rally, and agility (4-H). She also was at the AKC Junior Obedience/ Rally competition. Her Rally score was identical to Reece’s.”

What are your future goals in the sport of dogs?

“I want to show  and train dogs my entire life. I also want to be a writer so one day I would really enjoy publishing a book on dog training and showing.”

Do you plan do to something animal-related as a career?

“My career goal is still undecided. However I have many hobbies that I incorporate my animals into. So I would enjoy having a dog-oriented career.”

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