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MACH Andrea’s Maximum Entropy RE MXB MJB MXF CGC
MACH Andrea’s Little Buddy RE MXS MJB XF CGC

Max and Buddy really brought it home for owner Andrea Atkinson of Cutler Bay, FL when they each earned their first MACH title in the last class of the last day of the same show held by the Miami Obedience Club on March 11, 2018 in Miami, Florida. The judge, Barbara Bounds, struggled through cancelled flights, a blizzard, and an injured arm to reach the show.

Max is 7 years old and looks like a flat-coated retriever mix whereas Buddy is 8 years old and resembles a shih-tzu/schnauzer mix. Both dogs were adopted from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter which takes in over 27,000 animals a year. “These two rescues are very sweet as well as smart and they’ve taught me a lot about agility and handling dogs of different sizes, speeds, and personalities,” said Andrea. “Max is a sensitive soul who reacts to the slightest frown whereas Buddy is food focused and hates running fast when he’s hot.”

They started training in agility about eight months apart, but while Buddy was recovering from an injury, Max caught up. It was pure serendipity that Max got his final double Q and Buddy his final 4 MACH points in the same class on the trial’s last day. Andrea still wonders if they planned it to get extra treats. “What’s next on the horizon?” she asked. “Conquering Premier Standard and Jumpers with Weaves!”