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Congratulations to Whirley and Sue Kotlarek on winning an obedience High in Trial from the Novice B class! Whirley took the prestigious honor Sunday at the Sportsmen’s Dog Training Club of Detroit Obedience Trial.


Whirley Whirlwind CD BN RA OA OAJ OF TKI RATN earned a nearly perfect score of 199 out of a possible 200. She tied with the winner of the Utility B class and was in a run-off that she won!

Whirley was rescued from Hurricane Dorian in Florida where she was in a shelter at the time of the storm.

“They had to empty the shelters in case the hurricane hit and also, if the hurricane did not hit, there would be room for misplaced dogs. Michigan accepted 30 dogs. The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit took in six dogs, and that is where we met Whirley,” sue said.  “She came with the name of Whirlwind, and it fits her to a ‘T!’ She is a natural at everything we do.”

Whirley finished her Companion Dog (CD) title at the trial and competed in the Beginner Novice class where she earned perfect scores of 200 both days.

“It was an exciting day and a nice way to finish our Novice title,” Sue said. “I look forward to more shows opening and continuing our career.”

Sue has had much success with rescue dogs in the AKC Canine Partners program. Rodger Rowbinawitz was saved from the Hurricane Katrina floods and adopted by Sue and her husband, Jeff. He has gone on to earn multiple top honors, including being the first All American Dog to earn the Versatile Companion Dog titles – Levels One through Three.