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How are you spending the holiday weekend with your best buddy? This cute little mixed-breed guy, named Buddy, is sporting his red, white and blue bandana, in this photo shared by his owner Jeanette Templeton. Watch for more cute photos this week of our Canine Partner members in their patriotic gear. Learn how you and your dog can join the AKC Canine Partners community: /dog-owners/canine-partners/

Here are some tips for keeping your canine friends safe while you are having some fun on this Memorial Day!

  • It is safer to keep your pets at home during picnics and celebrations instead of bringing him to your neighbor's party. Keep your pets in the house, rather than in your yard. He will be a lot happier indoors, and not tempted to leap over a fence to find you.
  • Dogs can be startled by the loud noise of firecrackers and fireworks. Once the festivities begin, keep your pet in a safe room where he can feel comfortable. If he is crate trained, put him in his crate covered with a blanket to make him feel secure.
  • If you take your dog to the lake or the pool, keep an eye on them. If your dog likes water, let them enjoy swimming, but make sure they do not get overly tired and also are not ingesting too much water. Let them take frequent breaks. Consider investing in a doggie life jacket as a safety measure.
  • Avoid scraps from the grill. While tempting to our pets, any sudden change to your pets' diet can cause stomach upset. In addition, some certain foods like onions, avocado, grapes and raisins can be toxic.
  • Human products can be dangerous to animals. Avoid spraying your pet with insect repellent and only use special sunscreen that is intended for animal use. Keep your pets away from matches and lighter fluid. They can be extremely irritating to the stomach, lungs and central nervous system, if ingested.
  • Should your dog get scared, escape and run away, help find him with microchip identification. Collars and tags can fall off so make sure you have permanent ID with a microchip. Keep contact information current with your recovery service provider. For more information and to enroll your pet in a 24 hour recovery service visit