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Branford CDX PCDX RAE BN GN owned by Linda & John Luce of Lakeland, TN

Five years ago, a canine Casanova jumped a fence and had a romance with a lovely Australian Shepherd owned by Linda’s veterinarian. Nine weeks later, the Aussie delivered a litter of six puppies.

“The following month we were grieved to have the same veterinarian euthanize our Aussie of 13 years who was in his final decline due to cancer,” Linda said. “A few weeks later our vet told us that there was a pup in the litter they wanted to keep but we could have him if we would like. It was love at first sight for us. Branford is the sweetest, calmest, most lovely dog we've ever had.”

When Linda started training Branford, she discovered she also had a very intelligent dog who loved to work.

Branford recently earned the current highest honor in AKC Rally, the Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) and the AKC obedience title of Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) and is on the road to Utility. In addition, he does Nose Work and is a therapy dog with Mid-South Therapy Dogs in Memphis.