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MACH RACH Mavis Gunnels-McCord CDX BN GN RM3 RAE2 MXB MJS MFB T2B3 CGC TKI owned by Susan Gunnels & Stacey McCord of Little Rock, AR

Mavis, an Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix, earned her MACH on June 11, 2022, at the age of 10. Now 11 years old, she will make her first appearance at the 2023 National Agility Championship, March 16-19, in Tulsa, OK. Mavis is Stacey’s Novice A agility dog; they learned the sport together. She was over a year old and had already been in at least two homes when Stacey and Susan adopted her from a pet rescue group. Stacey and Susan both compete with Mavis; Susan competes with her in Obedience and Rally.

Although this is her first appearance at the NAC, Mavis is not a stranger to competing at national events. Susan and Mavis competed in Novice at the Obedience Classic in 2016, and Mavis placed 8th in Novice at the Rally National Championship in 2017. They have qualified for Rally Nationals every year from 2016 thru 2022. They earned their RACH in 2021 and are one leg away from completing Mavis’ Utility title.

“Mavis gives 100% in everything she does,” Susan said. She and Susan agree that adopting Mavis was the best decision they have ever made. “She is the perfect teammate, and her enthusiasm is amazing. She is almost as excited retrieving a glove as running an agility course, and no one can ever believe that she is 11. When not competing, Mavis stays fit by swimming, kayaking, hiking, and retrieving.”