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2021 AKC Rally National Championship logo

The AKC Rally National Championship will be held at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, OH on July 9, 2021. The event will be livestreamed on AKC TV. AKC Canine Partners wishes the best of luck to the All American Dogs and their handlers who qualified and will compete there:

Rally Novice

  • Wise’s Coco Chanel RN owned by Heidi Wise of Orleans, MA
  • Leash Free Living’s Mandatory Party RN CGC TKN owned by Samantha & Craig Miyamoto of Severn, MD 
  • Cherry Annabelle Jentelson RN CGC owned by Erika Elizabeth Jentelson of Cincinnati, OH
  • Carolyn’s Tucker RI FDC CGC TKN owned by Brenda Lawrence of Amissville, VA
  • Kip Glencove’s Cool Merino RN CGC TKN owned by Stephanie Garlichs & Jeffrey Ried of Oak Harbor, WA
  • Chyna Star RN owned by Tina & Joshua Babcock of Conyers, GA
  • Jkg Girl On Fire  BN RN FDC CGCA TKN owned by Kaitlyn & Jacob Grantner of Irvington, KY  


Rally Intermediate

  • Petunia Grace Jentelson CD BN RI CGC owned by Erika & Joel Jentelson of Cincinnati, OH
  • Fire Lord Ozai RI CGC TKA owned by Brenna Peterson of Puyallup, WA
  • There’s Only One Godfrey Parks RI owned by Kimberly Ann Zulker of Fryeburg, ME
  • It’s All About Poppy RI CGCA TKN owned by Karen Kimmerly of Williamsburg, OH
  • Huntlin’s Cooper RI CGC owned by Linda Brown of Aroda, VA
  • Mckinley’s Truly Blu RI CGC owned by Patty H McKinley of New Richmond, OH
  • Hickey’s Ada RI THD CGCA TKI owned by Rebecca Gene Hickey of Liberty Township, OH


Rally Advanced

  • Matilda Sue Johnson BN RA FDC OA OAJ BCAT CGC owned by Alice Johnson of Cocoa, FL
  • Princess Arabella By Jmj RAE CGCA owned by Cynthia Prye of Lima, OH
  • Gilly Is My Co-Pilot CD BN RE FDC CGCA CGCU TKE ATT owned by Amber Mercier of Maricopa, AZ
  • Artoo Detoo The Only Hope RA CGCA TKA owned by Carla Repko & Jacob O’Dell of Annapolis, MD
  • Rollie Pollie Raviolio RE CGCA CGCU TKP owned by Lauren Ledoux of Temple, GA
  • Ozymandias CD BN RA NA NAJ SCN SIN SEN TKE owned by Morgan Elizabeth Allison of Tulsa, OK  
  • Whirley Whirlwind Wind Of Dorian RA NA OAJ NF TKN owned by Sue Kotlarek of Romulus, MI
  • Masked Rider RE CGC TKI owned by Kristine & Keith Mills of Haslet, TX
  • Savannah Altrive RE AX OAJ MXP20 MXPC2 MJP20 MJPC2 PAX7 NF XFP T2BP owned by Louise Gilchrist of Harrisonburg, VA
  • Carson James BN RA FDC CGC TKI owned by Ellen James of Ronda, NC
  • Mr Buster Brown RE FDC owned by Jessica Poynter of Montrose, CO


Rally Excellent

  • Ike Of Faulkner RE owned by Mary R Broyles of Danville, KY
  • O.C. Wellington CD RE owned by Victoria Cheshire of Hillsboro, VA
  • Hedwig RE OA OAJ CGC TKA owned by Lizzie Colville of Sandy Springs, GA
  • Mischief (Un)Managed RE NA NAJ CA BCAT CGC owned by Erin Strong of Tallahassee, FL 
  • Fozzie VII RE SWN SIA CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Betty Wilson of Salem, VA 


Rally Master

  • Ruff-Redemption’s Ulterior Motives RM NA NAJ CA BCAT DN CGCA TKA owned by Lizzie Colville of Sandy Springs, GA


Rally Championship

  • Daisy Duke XVII CD BN RM3 RAE3 NJP OFP ACT2 CGCA TKA owned by Colleen Swierkocki of Wayne, NJ  
  • Renegade’s Crusade CD PCD BN RAE CGCA CGCU TKI owned by Heidi Lengel of Wright, KS
  • Blaze Six CD RM2 RAE2 owned by Cassandra Ann Six of Gloucester, VA  
  • Zebedee Of Huckleberry Hill Rd. RM2 RAE2 CGCA TKA owned by Dawn Martine Furniss of New Milford, CT
  • Harvey Dent Quirk RAE CGC Jeff Quirk & Ariel Quirk of Seminole, FL 
  • Lc’s Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper CD RAE AX OAJ OF CA BCAT SCN SIN SEN RATO CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Lindsay Clark of Reddick, FL
  • Sophie Hardison CDX PCD BN RM2 RAE2 NA OAJ OAP OJP OFP ACT1 THDA CGCA CGCU TKE owned by Lynda Hardison of Arlington, TX
  • Baileys Arms Daytona CD PCD BN RM2 RAE CGCA TKN owned by Karen & Andrew Carr of Egg Harbor City, NJ  
  • Jack-Daniels UD GO RAE3 owned by Alison Smith of East York, ON
  • Ot’s Underwater Adventure CDX BN GO RM RAE AX AXJ XF T2B TKP owned by Kat Brown of Landrum, SC 
  • Luke Skywalk CD RM2 RAE NA NAJ CGC TKA owned by Amanda, Levi Olson, & Jonathan Olson of Otsego, MN
  • Jazzi Eaton CD RM RAE2 CGC TKN owned by Suzanne Eaton of LaFayette, NY
  • Ziva D. Of Wissota CDX PCDX BN GN RM3 RAE8 THDN FDCH RATN CGC TKP owned by Rexann Lemke of Chippewa Falls, WI 
  • Mavis Gunnels-McCord CDX BN GN RM2 RAE2 AX MXJ MXF T2B CGC TKI owned by Stacey McCord & Susan Gunnels of Little Rock, AR