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Kendall’s Myles to Home CAX owned by Ronda Kendall of Jefferson, IA

Myles came to Ronda as a foster, and they became foster failures as Ronda soon fell in love with the little guy and adopted him.

“He was a very shy and scared young dog when he first came to us. He stole our hearts in that first year, watching him change,” she said.

Ronda is always looking for ways to boost Myles’ confidence and heard about the AKC Coursing Ability Tests in which dogs get to release their prey drive by chasing a lure (white plastic bag) tied to a pulley system that moves it quickly around a field. Dogs are judged on how well they pursue and follow the lure.

“I was unsure if he would do lure coursing, but after his first test, he was hooked and so was I. I love watching him enjoy this sport and it has made him a more confident dog.”

Recently, Myles earned AKC’s top title in Coursing Ability – the Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX) title.

Coursing is modeled after the sport of lure coursing, and all breeds are eligible. Most dogs love to chase things, no matter what their heritage, making it a great activity for Canine Partners. It’s a pass/fail, non-competitive test. To pass the test, a dog running alone must pursue a lure, completing the course enthusiastically and without interruption within a given time.

CAX stands for Coursing Ability Excellent. It is the highest title and to earn it, a dog must pass the test 25 times. To learn more, visit