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MACH8 Prince Doggie and Tacarra Andrade of Novi, MI, continue their winning ways – recently earning their eighth Master Agility Championship (the highest award in AKC Agility) – and maintaining Prince’s status as the top titled All-American Dog in AKC Agility!

Prince completed the eighth MACH on March 14 at the Youngstown All-Breed Training Club trial in Niles, OH. Taccara reports that this will end Prince’s MACH career as he has semi-retired and moved to the Preferred program, which allows dogs to jump one height lower.

He is now pursuing his PACH at the 4-inch jump height and Tacarra said she hopes he will qualify for the 2016 AKC National Agility Championships in the Preferred division.

For information on getting your dog involved in AKC Agility: /events/agility/