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MACH Love Gun MXB MJS XF T2B2 owned by Karen and Nicolas Itin of Vineyard, UT

Pistol, a cattle dog/Aussie mix, was born January 16th, 2012 in Ponder, TX. He was fired from his first job as a farm dog for eating the chickens. At 9 months old he found himself unemployed and in need of a new home, so Karen took him in. “He still needed something productive to do (other than eating my shoes and drywall),” said Karen, “so I enrolled him in agility classes with the Waco Agility Group (WAG) in Waco, TX.” There they learned the basics of agility before the Air Force took them to Omaha, NE where they joined the Go Dogs! agility club. This is where the pair honed their skills and started competing. “There was about a year of disastrous, yet entertaining Novice runs before we hit our stride,” said Karen.

After a few years in Nebraska, a job opportunity took the family to Vineyard, UT where they live today. “One of my first priorities, when we moved, was to find a new agility club, and so we joined Salty Dogz Agility Club of Utah.” In their first year competing in Utah, they qualified for and competed in the Reno NAC. The next year (on February 23, 2019) Pistol earned his MACH under judge Laura Gillice at the Salty Dogz Agility Club of Utah trial in South Jordan, UT.

Unfortunately, at the trial after that, Pistol injured his back. After extensive diagnostic work and physical therapy, he is sound and healthy, but he is retired from agility to prevent re-injuring his spine. Pistol likes to spend his time napping, giving hugs, playing with his jolly ball, getting hair on every conceivable surface of the house, barking, and updating his Instagram (@pittledog).