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Abby Salois TD owned by Yuko Salois of La Mesa CA

Abby almost didn’t get the chance to have this wonderful story. She and her mother, brothers and sisters were barely existing beneath an abandoned home when Labrador Rescuers pulled the family from its apparent destiny.

Named “Susie” by her new guardians, Abby’s mother was showing the visual effects of long-term starvation. Through medical treatment and caring attention, however, Susie and her litter completely recovered. She and all her offspring found new homes through adoption. Abby landed with the Salois family in La Mesa CA.

Abby has been quite busy, keeping up with canine house mates T-Max and Ko, a Boston Terrier and Maltese, respectively. She also has trained for, entered and qualified in several courses and competitions, including obedience clicker training (beginner and intermediate) and agility coursework.

She earned her TD (Tracking Dog) on February 8, 2017 tracking dog (TD) at the Agility Club of San Diego.

Although it once appeared Abby would have no future, the one she is pursuing is likely to be filled with more challenges and accomplishments.