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MLBaer Photography

Best of luck to the top All American Dogs who qualified for the 2022 AKC FastCAT Invitational! Should any one of the top three decline, the 4th place stand-by will be invited. All American Dogs are split according to height class (L, M, S).



  1. Miss Unusual DCAT owned by Erin Boyer of Gastonia, NC
  2. Yago FDC CAX FCAT3 CGC TKN owned by Nicole Barnes of Grovetown, GA
  3. Mc’s Pancho owned by Crystal Mcclaran of Cape Coral, FL
  4. Outrun’s Run And Find Out BCAT owned by Natalie McAllister of Cedar Rapids, IA



  1. Hot Rod’s Superfruit DCAT owned by JamieSue Scebold of Omaha, NE
  2. Ken’s Bow CAA FCAT5 owned by Ken Harpley of Palmetto, FL
  3. Gif NAP NJP OFP CA FCAT4 ACT2 ACT2J ONYX CGC TKN (pictured) owned by Maureen Setter of Orange Park, FL
  4. This Girl Is On Fire OA OAJ CA FCAT owned by Karen Skoyec of Venice, FL



  1. Baker’s Skittles BCAT owned by Betsy Baker of Saint Clair Shores, MI
  2. Sassy Princess Warrior NA NAJ CAA FCAT ACT2J owned by Christine Ann Beall of Bridgewater, MA
  3. Mmb’s Wayward Son RN CA FCAT3 RATN CGC owned by Taylor Lima of Enfield, CT
  4. Cleopatra Queen Of The Fox RN NA OAJ FCAT2 TKN owned by Yvonne Smith of West Dundee, IL