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Congratulations to the Canine Partners who will compete in the 24th AKC National Obedience Championship and the 5th AKC Rally® National Championship! These events will take place in combination at the Roberts Centre Eukanuba Hall in Wilmington, Ohio June 29 – July 1.

For details about the Obedience Championship, visit
For details about the Rally Championship, visit  

Good luck to these dogs competing in the AKC National Obedience Championship:

OTCH Lola Sugar and Spice UDX3 PCDX OM6 BN GN GO RE CAA CGCA CGCU owned by Kathryn Harvey of Apple Valley, MN

Sassy Sissy UDX5 OM7 NA NAJ CGC TKP (pictured, top) owned by Donna Hartwig of Big Rock, IL


Good luck to these dogs competing in the Rally National Championship:

I’m Pretty Aerodynamic CD BN RA owned by Erica Ashley Huehn of Beavercreek, OH

Shepherd’s Liquid Courage RI NAJ NJ CGC owned by Katie and Michael Shepherd of Simpsonville, KY

Sir Bentley Of Bacon RI CGC TKN Regina April Head of Huntsville, AL

Gizmo on The Go RN CGC owned by Traci Hepler of Perris, CA

Daring Diesel Dundee RN CGCA owned by Jenny Kuzmin of Midway, KY

Battle Born’s One Paw Up BN RN CGCA owned by Emma K Ruhmann of St Charles, MO

Little Miss Priss Delilah RN owned by Suzanne Roche-Dalton and Pamela Dalton of Chattanooga, TN

Benson Of Willow CD PCD BN GN RAE2 owned by Virginia Cranston of Wilson, NY

Franklin James BN RA CGCA owned by Emma K Ruhmann of St Charles, MO

Gold Wing BN RA owned by Linda Bates/Mike Bates of Downey, CA

MACH Princess Harley Of Swallow Lane RA MXS MJS OF owned by Susan and Louis Jearls of Florissant, MO

Hurst’s Rocky CD PCD BN RA AX OAJ AXP OJP CGCA CGCU TKA owned by Sarah Mae Hurst of Gallatin, TN

Renegade’s Crusade CD PCD BN RA CGCA CGCU owned by Heidi A. Lengel of Woodland Park, CO

Mavis Gunnels-McCord CD BN GN RA NA OAJ OF CGC TKI owned by Stacey McCord and Susan Gunnels of Little Rock, AR

Super Cooper Trooper CDX BN RA owned by Joshua Wiggins of Spring, TX

Ellie J RE CGCA TKA owned by Jamie Hughes of Towanda, PA

Yukon Of the Wild RE owned by Lucy Jankowski and Julia Jankowski of Staten Island, NY

Blaze Six CD RA owned by Cassandra Ann Six of Gloucester, VA

Olaf Lamb CD BN RA CGCA TKN owned by Lisa and Seth Lamb of Ankeny, IA

Daisy Duke XVII BN RAE ACT2 CGCA TKA owned by Colleen Swierkocki of Wayne, NJ

Essa BN RE owned by Emily Nicole Latham of Owensboro, KY

Zebedee Of Huckleberry Hill Rd. RAE CGCA TKA owned by Dawn Martine Furniss of Brookfield, CT

Tinsel Jankowski RE owned by Lucy Jankowski and Julia Jankowski of Staten Island, NY

Jack-Daniels UD GO RAE3 owned by Alison Smith of East York, ON, Canada

Emmy Grace Semeraro CD PCD BN GN RAE CGC TKN (pictured left) owned by Karen and Joseph Semeraro of Dade City, FL

Ally VIII PCD BN RAE3 CGC TKP owned by Viki L Smartt of Knoxville, TN

River Birch Bohland CD RAE owned by Brittany Rupp of Fosston, MN

MACH Northbound Fly by Night CD RAE MXS MJG NF CGCA owned by Samantha Scicchigno of Staten Island, NY

Grand-View My Retirement Plan BN RAE2 TD owned by Patricia Simon of Borden, IN

Ziva D of Wissota CDX PCDX BN GN RAE5 THDN FDCH RATN CGC TKA owned by Rexann Lemke of Chippewa Falls, WI

Mattie Ross CD BN RAE3 AX OAJ OF CA CGC owned by Arwen Price of Lexington, KY

Bella Carlson CD BN RAE CGCA TKI (pictured right) owned by Charlie Peter Carlson of New Fairfield, CT

Sophie Sweet Potato BN RAE CGCA CGCU owned by Elaine Luhr of Georgetown, KY

Tycho’s Equinox CD PCD BN RAE CGC owned by Cayla Wallwork of Austin, TX