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Dottie of W Spalding CAX was a rescue dog who had gone through several homes when Brenda Williams of Atlanta, GA, saved her from going to the shelter and took her to training class to channel her energy. The training class led them to the discovery of dog sports and recently Dottie earned the highest honor in AKC Coursing Ability – the Coursing Ability Excellent (CAX) title. Brenda tells their story:

Dottie, a Dalmatian mix, was about to be returned to a humane society after being in two homes in four weeks when my son met her and brought her home to me. Already having three dogs and not wanting a fourth, I agreed to foster her.

Long story short, I fell in love with her very quickly and despite the challenges she presented, I am so glad she came into my life.

A friend referred me to two trainers who not only continue to give us guidance through workshops and classes, but who also introduced us to the world of dog sports! We have tried agility and tracking and learned tricks in our circus dog classes.

We are currently participating in barn hunt and nosework/scentwork, but Dottie’s favorite activity is AKC Coursing Ability. She absolutely goes crazy hearing the machine and watching other dogs chase those “white bunnies” (white plastic trash bags). I think I work harder than she does making her wait her turn.

We earned the CAX on May 8, 2016, at the Greyhound Association of North Georgia test in Watkinsville, GA – a wonderful mother’s day celebration.

I am so thankful that AKC has programs for rescue and mixed breed dogs. Our lives have been enriched in ways I could never have imagined.