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Adrienne Daily of Colfax, IL, tells us why Independence Day is a very special day for her dog, who boasts the registered name of And Justice For All THD CGC. In this photo, he is having an important conversation with Abraham Lincoln on the lawn of the McLean County Museum of History.

Justice truly is an All American Dog. His birthday is the Fourth of July, and he proudly wears his stars-and-stripes therapy dog cape when we go to ‘work’.

Justice is a hard working therapy dog registered with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. He qualified for his AKC Therapy Dog title in slightly less than one year. We regularly visit Asta Care nursing home, Advocate-BroMenn Hospital Mental Health, Advocate-BroMenn Hospital Addiction Recovery, Marc First daycare for the developmentally disabled, Towanda Library “Read to Dogs”, Bloomington Library “Tales with Tails”, Illinois State University “Paws-itively Stress Free”, and Illinois Wesley University “Stress Free Finals.”

We also help teach “Dog Bite Prevention” and “Pet First Aid” in conjunction with several of our local veterinarians. Justice is also a canine blood donor at the Animal Emergency Clinic of McLean County.

Justice is a member of the AKC Canine Partners program for all dogs, incluidng mixed-breeds and rescues.