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Daisy ‘Chicken Little’ Angiulo RN CA SWM CGC TKA owned by Cynthia Angiulo of Commerce Township, MI

In November of 2012, Cindy received a phone call from a friend in rescue. A dog that couldn’t walk had been dropped off. When they picked her up, they realized this was because of her overgrown nails. Against her better judgement, Cindy went to meet her.

Cindy’s goal was to build Daisy’s confidence so that she could go to a new and loving home; she had no intention of keeping this dog. Cindy took her to trick training class and to several different behavioral trainers. They were making progress, but Daisy was still very fearful. There were two trial adoptions, which did not work out.

After Daisy’s final adoption event on March 17, 2013, she became officially Cindy’s dog. “I took her home that night and never looked back. I was a foster failure.”

A new behaviorist asked what Cindy’s intentions were for Daisy. At the time, she had dreams of obedience and rally and had enrolled her in the AKC Canine Partners program as Daisy “Chicken Little” Angiulo, “since she felt the sky was always falling!” Cindy said. “His response was not what I wanted to hear but the one I needed to hear – ‘This dog will never be able to leave your house.’”

“She was always excited to leave the house but was fearful when we reached our destination. We tried Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing. All were positive for Daisy but not her passion. In late 2014, we started Scent Work in our home. She excelled at it! It was her sport! We were delighted to start AKC Scent Work in 2017.”

In September of 2018, Daisy was diagnosed with Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease. “We need to watch her heart rate and keep here cool. Exercise needs to be low key. We could no longer do Lure Coursing or Fast CAT. We were very lucky to be able to continue with Scent Work.”

They earned their Master Scent Work title in June 2020 at the Wolverine Dog Training Club Scent Work Trial in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It was the first trial they were able to enter after the COVID shutdown.

“Hopefully you will see us at future trials working on our detective legs and trying handler discrimination.”