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The 2023 AKC® Fast CAT® Invitational took place December 12-16, 2023, in Orlando, FL in conjunction with the AKC® National Championship presented by Royal Canin. The top 5 of the fastest dogs from each breed, based on rankings from AKC Fast Coursing Ability Tests (Fast CAT), were invited to participate in the third annual AKC Fast CAT Invitational.

All dogs ran twice during three days of preliminary runs and competed in two divisions, Pure Speed and Speed of the Breed. The top 10 fastest dogs according to height class in the Pure Speed division, were recognized based on how fast they ran. The top 10 dogs that ran the fastest over the average speed for their breed, were recognized in the Speed of the Breed division. The number one dog in each division was declared the 2023 Pure Speed Champion and the 2023 Speed of the Breed Champion.

A total of 429 of the best Fast CAT dogs from around the country representing 186 individual breeds, came together to compete for a chance to be named Pure Speed Champion and/or Speed of the Breed Champion.

Big congratulations to this All American Dog who was the Pure Speed Champion in the medium height division:

Black Ink FCAT5 (Inky) owned by Jennifer Smith of Burton, MI