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Shameless Poc-Ket Of Petunias CD BN RM RAE AX OAJ CAX FCAT3 SEN RATCH CGC TKP ATT owned by Kelly Castle of Chuluota, FL

In early June, Kelly and Zuri traveled to Greenback, Tennessee where they competed in a multi-sport, multi venue, week-long event called Bark Week. Zuri earned her Barn Hunt RATCHX5 and CZ8S, her FCAT3, CGCA, CGCU and Farm Dog titles. She also earned awards in agility, obedience, rally, and tricks.

“We were very proud to represent all of the talented All American Dogs out there,” Kelly said. “Zuri finished third overall with 50 titles earned during the week. She was the only All American Dog in the top ten and as I understand it there were over 1500 dogs competing. Super proud of my girl!”