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Rayne, a Belgian Malinois-Labrador mix, is the first dog in the country to earn the Air Retrieve Senior Excellent title from the North America Diving Dogs association (NADD).

She achieved this “first” on April 15, 2016,  in Perry, GA, at a NADD competition held as part of the Peach Blossom Dog Show circuit.

Air retrieve requires dogs to jump out over the pool to grab a bumper extended over the water. Rayne's personal best air retrieve is 17 feet. Rayne is owned and trained by Steve Mize of Jefferson, GA.

In order to earn a NADD title, a dog must have five qualifying jumps in each division. To earn higher titles, they must continue to get qualifying jumps in that division. Rayne earned her Air Retrieve Senior Advanced when she hit 10 legs and then her Excellent on her 15th “grab.”

The feat also earned an invite to the NADD/ AKC Eukanuba National Championship taking place in  December in Orlando, FL. Rayne also was the first ever AKC Canine Partners National NADD Champion in 2014. 

The AKC recognizes the titles of NADD for dogs registered with AKC, like Rayne who is a member of the AKC Canine Partners program for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues.