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Sarah first saw Kaija, a 9 week old Bloodhound-Coonhound mix on Craigslist. “A young family had bought her and soon realized she was a true working breed with a LOT of energy.”

Sarah adopted her and says, “Kaija was my wild child, so wild I didn't start formal training until she was 3 years old. We started with rally but she wasn't very interested in it. My trainer suggested we try tracking, and when we did she was a natural! Everyone who sees her track knows it's what she is meant to do. She loves it and can't wait to get out there.”

After two summers of training, Sarah and Kaija participated on Aug. 24, 2014, in the Tanana Valley Kennel Club's tracking test, where Kaija earned her TD and was the first All American Dog in Alaska to earn an AKC tracking title!

To learn more about AKC's Canine Partners program and how your dog can be like Kaija, click here.