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Great Salt Lake City Dog Training Club VST - October 4, 2015

1st AKC Champion Tracker:
CT Griffin Fielding & Maureen Fielding of N. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Griffin came into being through an accidental mating between a black German Shepherd female and a German Short-haired Pointer male.

“He is a fine hunting dog with a strong work ethic, making him an excellent tracking dog,” Maureen said.

Griffin started wilderness tracking as a puppy, followed by urban and field tracking; he earned his first Tracking Dog title with the Mixed Breed Dog Club of America (MBDCA) in 2012, followed by the MBDCA TDX in 2013.

“When the opportunity arose to track with the AKC, we had to jump on it, as Griffin aspired to attain the Champion Tracker (CT) status.”

The team achieved the CT title on April 5, 2015, when Griffin passed his AKC Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) title in Boise, ID, with the Idaho Capital City Kennel Club.

“Griffin has successfully tracked two lost dogs and has attained local media coverage for his tracking and search and rescue abilities. He is sociable, very athletic, agile, muscularly fit, and strong so he also enjoys hiking, swimming and a fast game of Frisbee,” Maureen said.