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1st Versatile Companion Dog:

Rodger Rowbinawitz VCD3 PUTD GO VER RAE MXP NF OFP CA FDCH & Sue Kotlarek of Romulus, MI

The AKC Versatile Companion Dog program honors multi-talented dogs that earn titles in Obedience, Agility and Tracking – and a little dog named Rodger was the first All American Dog to earn levels one through three of the VCD titles!

The rescue dog achieved the first two levels on Oct. 26, 2014, when he earned the AKC Tracking Dog (TD) title. Then, on May 6, 2018, he became the first mixed breed to earn the VCD Level 3 title when he finished the AKC Tracking Dog Excellent title.

Rodger not only holds upper level titles in AKC Obedience, Rally and Agility, as well as the TDX, he also has titled in AKC Coursing Ability and NAFA Flyball!

Rodger was rescued from the Hurricane Katrina floods and adopted by Sue and her husband, Jeff, who already shared life with their All-American Dog, Jasmine. Rodger is an Italian Greyhound mix, while Jasmine is a Staffie Bull mix.

”The most amazing thing about Rodger is when he was brought to our home by the rescue organization, he and Jazz bonded instantly and immediately began to play. He was not shy or intimidated by big sister Jazz. They are an inseparable pair,” Sue said. “Rodger is a big dog in a little dog’s body.”

The levels and requirements of the AKC Versatile Companion Dog program are:

Versatile Companion Dog 1:
Must complete CD, NA, NAJ, [TD or TDU] or CD, NAP, NJP, [TD or TDU].

VCD2 Versatile Companion Dog 2:
Must complete CDX, OA, OAJ, [TD or TDU] or CDX, OAP, OJP, [TD or TDU].

VCD3 Versatile Companion Dog 3:
Must Complete UD, AX, AXJ, TDX or UD, AXP, AJP, TDX.

VCD4 Versatile Companion Dog 4:
Must complete UDX, MX, MXJ, VST or UDX, MXP, MJP, VST.