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Lassie Spirit of The Canyon TD owned by Lynn Wilson of San Diego CA

When little 12-pound Lassie was rescued, she didn’t even know how to walk on a leash. In fact, when the collar and leash were first put on her, she froze and wouldn’t even take a step. By letting her take the lead with treats as encouragement, she quickly learned that the leash meant going on walks. Soon she had an over-the-top enthusiasm for the leash (like jumping straight up about a foot in the air). This seemed like a good indication that she might like tracking.

When Lynn and Lassie had their first tracking lesson the coach commented “I think she will be good at this.” By the fourth or fifth lesson, she told Lynn that Lassie’s work ethic is amazing and that she had dogs that had been doing tracking for two years that weren’t doing what Lassie was doing. She often blows right by the treats that might be on the course because she is so motivated to find the glove at the end.

Lynn says that “Lassie doesn’t seem to tire and when the lesson is over it’s never because she’s losing interest. Nothing warms my heart more than my sweet little All-American being out there on the tracking course holding her own with the German Shepherds and other large breeds. She’s competed in TDX and VST this year, and even though she didn’t pass yet, it seems like it’s in the stars for this sweet tiny hard-working girl. She might not look like Lassie on the outside but she’s Lassie on the inside!” A friend of Lynn’s said “now Lassie really can find Timmy in the well!”

Lassie is estimated to be about five years old, weighs about 12 pounds, and lives with another rescue Chihuahua and an AKC purebred working Doberman, and just always seems happy. She earned her TD at the German Shepherd Dog Club of San Diego TD/TDX test on January 18, 2017.