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Expert Advice: Common Conditions Bloat (or GDV) in Dogs — What It Is and How it’s Treated
I hate this disease. When I first started as a vet, we gave a dog with bloat a 50-50 chance if he could walk into the hospital. Many were too weak and had to be carried in. They often died. Now, 30 years later, bloat still kills about 30 percent of the dogs it affects, […] | November 3, 2016
Expert Advice: General Health Orthopedic Problems in Dogs
Orthopedic issues in dogs, like hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament ruptures, can be painful and costly to treat. But when detected early and given proper veterinary attention, affected dogs have a high chance of a successful outcome. Also, proper testing by breeders helps to prevent these problems in offspring. Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Jennie led […] | October 27, 2016
Yellow Labrador Retriever Drinking
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Cushing’s Disease in Dogs
If your older dog is drinking and urinating more than usual, it could be caused by a variety of reasons. One cause your veterinarian may test for is Cushing’s disease (CD), also known as hyperadrenocorticism. This condition, usually caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland, is far more common than we realize, but because […] | October 5, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Seizures in Dogs
There is probably nothing more alarming than seeing your dog have a seizure. Legs flailing in the air, lips tightened in a sardonic grin, and the neck arched like it might break — it illustrates the horror the dog is going through. But that classic convulsion is only one of many variations of seizures in […] | August 9, 2016
Expert Advice: Common Conditions ​Types Of Allergic Reactions In Dogs
What does “allergy” mean to you? Does it mean a life-threatening reaction to a bee sting? Does it suggest an itchy dog? Hives? All of these are examples of the many different types of allergic reactions. Learn how to manage each one. Anaphylactic Reactions in Dogs Have you ever heard of a person dying after […] | June 21, 2016
Expert Advice: General Health Glaucoma in Dogs
What it is: Glaucoma is a rise in eye pressure. It’s a disease unto itself, but it’s also a common end point for other ophthalmic diseases. Dogs can suffer from three forms of glaucoma. Congenital glaucoma is only seen in puppies 3 to 6 months old. This rare form can be in one or both […] | July 22, 2013

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