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Expert Advice: How to... Keeping Calm in a Crisis: Why It’s Important for Both You and Your Dog
As a pet owner, your dog’s safety starts with you. Although canines are extremely smart animals, they take their cues from their owners and rely on them to meet most of their needs, including keeping them calm during times of crisis. “Dogs are deeply sensitive to human emotions, especially in their particular guardians,” says Sally […] | May 11, 2018
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding A Canine Mother’s Love: How She Encourages Independence in Her Pups
In honor of Mother’s Day, it’s important to recognize all kinds of moms, including the canine variety that are the first sign of love and protection for newborn puppies. “What you’ll see on day one is a mother who doesn’t want to be away from her pups for more than a second,” says Dr. Ann […] | May 11, 2018
why does my dog follow me everywhere
Expert Advice: Why does my dog... Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?
As dog owners, we love spending quality time with our pups. But there have been days when you might have wondered, "Why does my dog follow me everywhere?" The answer has to do with your dog's animal instinct and pack mentality. Canine companions that exhibit this type of behavior are often referred to as “Velcro […] | May 3, 2018
dog walker
Expert Advice: Home & Living Tips on Finding the Perfect Dog Walker for Your Pup
Dogs need daily exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy, and depending on the breed, some need more exercise than others. As responsible pet owners, we make a commitment to provide our dogs with the best care, but this can often be difficult for one reason or another. Some dog owners may not be able […] | April 24, 2018
national lost dog awareness day
Expert Advice: Lifestyle National Lost Dog Awareness Day: One Woman Shares a Harrowing 800-Mile Tale
Approximately 4 million dogs go missing in the United States each year, and anyone who's lost a pet will tell you it’s a terrifying feeling. While no one wants to believe this can happen to them, on National Lost Dog Awareness Day (April 23), we're reminded of the precautionary steps you can take in case […] | April 23, 2018
Expert Advice: Home & Living If You Own a Large Dog and Are Looking to Rent, We’ve Got Some Tips for You
The search for an apartment rental can be time-consuming and stressful on its own, but add a large dog into the mix, and the hunt for the perfect place just became 10 times harder. While it’s not impossible to find a landlord who is pet friendly, it is important to know upfront if there are […] | April 20, 2018
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Dogs and Babies: A Look at Their Special Relationship
The bond that exists between canines and humans is unmistakable (there’s a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend,” after all). They’re adaptable creatures that bond with their human counterparts — and that includes babies. Like humans, dogs are extremely social creatures. Alexandra Bassett, lead dog trainer and behaviorist at Dog Savvy Los Angeles, says, […] | March 20, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Dog Walker vs. Doggy Day Care: Finding the Best Option for You and Your Pup
As a working dog owner, the struggle of leaving your dog home alone for lengthy stretches can be trying on both you and your canine. Regardless of the reason, it’s not easy to meet all of your pet’s needs without some type of assistance. “A dog that must endure long days (six or more hours) […] | March 9, 2018
Expert Advice: News How the AKC Humane Grant Fund Is Helping Domestic Violence Shelters Become Pet Friendly
The statistics are staggering; every nine seconds, another woman in the United States is beaten, according to the Partnership Against Domestic Violence. While violence against women often takes place behind closed doors and isn't always visible to others, that doesn't mean it's not happening. Chances are, if there are children involved, they, too, are facing […] | October 20, 2017
moby flyball
Expert Advice: Sports Flyball — A Competitive Sport for Owners and Their Dogs
Photo courtesy of JLFurtography All across North America, dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, are taking part in a team sport designed to encourage burning off energy through running, jumping hurdles, and catching tennis balls, all within a short amount of time. If this sounds like something your super quick, smart, energetic dog might be […] | September 13, 2017

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