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2024 Schedule

March 12, 2024 – 7:00 pm (EST) – Doug Johnson

“Breeder Spotlight”

Join us for a seminar by AKC breeder Doug Johnson as we discuss ways to build a breeding program, and long term breeder goals for success, the importance of the global community of dogs and the advantages afforded to today’s breeders.

Sign up here for $39.00 to join the March 12, 2024 webinar with Doug Johnson.

Doug Johnson

Breeding under the world-famous Clussexx prefix, he has produced more than 250 AKC Champions. Dogs from his kennel have won more than 175 Best in Show awards and 18 national specialties wins across four breeds. Clumber, Sussex, Welsh Springer and King Charles Spaniels. Additionally, he has owned Irish Setters, Red and White Setters, PBGV, Pekingese and Kooikers. Dogs exported from his kennel have had international success, impacting breeding programs in Scandinavia, Australia, Denmark, England, Croatia, Italy, Japan and China.

Mr. Johnson holds the distinct honor of producing two Westminster Best in Show winners, and he is the only breeder of Westminster Best In Show winners in two different breeds. One was the Sussex Spaniel, Stump who as a veteran of 10 years, is the oldest dog to ever win Best in Show at Westminster.

Mr. Johnson began his judging career in 2000, with Spaniels. He was awarded American Kennel Club’s Sporting Breeder of the Year award in 2005, Judge of the Year Nominee for 2017, and a Winkie Award Winner for Breeder of the Year in 2019.

He is approved to Judge 5 groups in the AKC system, all Sporting, Hound, Working, Toy and Non-Sporting. He judged working breeds at Westminster Kennel Club in 2020.

A founder in the Canine Conservation movement, Mr. Johnson, strives to be a voice for all breeders who work tirelessly to produce and promote their breed of choice. Advocating for dogs is a passion, but also a responsibility to insure the successful longevity of unique breeds. Together we must continue to foster the best breeding practices to keep breeds from extinction.


Tuesday, April 9, 2024 7:00 pm (EST) – Rachel Goldammer

“Super Puppies! Not just how, but WHY breeders need to provide socialization and enrichment for their puppies”

Rachel Goldammer will illustrate the importance of early socialization and enrichment protocols from day one and beyond. Develop an understanding of critical socialization periods that influence the puppy’s temperaments, and how this can be the key to shaping the future of your puppies.

Sign up here for $39.00 to join the April 9, 2024 webinar with Rachel Goldammer.

Rachel Goldammer

Rachel Goldammer is a consultant working with the International Working Dog Registry specializing in reproduction, whelping, neonatal care, puppy socialization and development, and strategic planning. She has a degree in animal science, emphasis on reproduction, and over 15 years’ experience within the canine care industry. She started her career at Nestle Purina before working for Southeastern Guide Dogs, and then with organizations like Guide Dogs of America and Freedom Service Dogs. She focuses on building purpose bred breeding programs from the ground up using industry best practices and is passionate about helping other guide/service dog schools get their own purpose-bred colony off the ground. She lives in Florida with her husband, 2-year-old corgi, 7 month old corgi, and two rescue cats. In her free time, she can be found crafting, swimming, and traveling.


Tuesday, May 7, 2024 7:00 pm (EST) – Dr. Heidi Kellihan

“Analyzing the Heartbeat”

Join Dr. Heidi Kellihan for a break down on OFA Cardiac Examinations done on your breeding stock. She will share cardiac abnormalities that a Cardiologist screens for when performing OFA Cardiac Basic and Advanced examinations.

Sign up here for $39.00 to join the May 7, 2024 webinar with Dr. Heidi Kellihan.

2021 School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty and Staff Portraits

Dr. Heidi Kellihan obtained her DVM from the University of Illinois, Urbana in 2002. Dr. Kellihan performed a small animal rotating internship at California Animal Hospital, Los Angeles from 2002-2003 and completed a cardiology residency at the University of Wisconsin, Madison from 2003-2006. She is currently a clinical professor in cardiology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her primary research and clinical interest focus is pulmonary hypertension. She performs OFA advanced and basic cardiac examinations across the country and enjoys counseling people about their pet’s cardiac examination.

Stay tuned, information coming soon about more breeder webinars scheduled in 2024!

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