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Most large breeding programs that raise service puppies are philanthropies with pretty deep pockets. Government programs are similar in excess spending, but with very myopic vision for the future.

With a steadily rising need for working detection dogs and current emphasis on a domestic supply of these dogs, and economy of time and resources are needed to involve American breeders. Not everyone has the time, facilities, or finances to do this with reckless abandon. This is why play yards, self discovery, and self reward are so valuable.

Taking puppies to new places is ideal, but use the assessments to consider if you get as much results by going out three days a week as you do with 7 days a week. Place the puppies in day yards to build confidence on different surfaces, ramps, stairs, open grated footing, and tight spaces, and expose them to noise and visual distractions. If they act well in novel environments away from home, you can assess the need to travel against the effectiveness of new obstacles in and around the home.