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We all want to reinvent the dog in our own image. However, when we decide a dog has capabilities we do not have, we have to adjust the way we want to develop those traits. I submitted the picture seen here for an article and was asked- “can”t you get that picture without the pens”? Therein lies the rub! You can induce a dog to do behavior with baiting, luring, and reward, but is that what we want? A good detection dog is fiercely independent and is driven by internal motivation to find odor. If we habituate a dog to depend on the handler as the source of direction and reward, the dogs will habituate to dependency on the handler. The dogs in the picture have never been rewarded to climb this a-frame; they discovered the ability on their own and it became a normal part of their behavioral repertoire. Self discovery, self reward, and remote reward will give us young dogs with fierce independence.