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  1. We built an outdoor scent/search area. A ten by twenty pop up with a raised deck floor with astro turf. Then the storms came and the pop did well, but needed a little repair. Its now set up and we have done about two weeks of training with Trip and Task inside it.
  2. Task is learning how to search with REST/RASCO equipment. We should see if the training pays off in a week or two. Video pending.
  3. Trip has moved searching “flat trays”. Same amount of odor with a larger surface area. The top is plastic peg board, which he has to not only locate the right hiding object, but then find the strongest odor source on it. This will transition him into searching odor that is moving. Video pending.
  4. The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology directorate in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab put out a Request For Proposals for breeders to raised dogs in a research effort. The AKC Detection Dog Task Force are still in discussions to see if the Patriotic Puppy Program can participate in some way. More information to follow.
  5. Canine College is in the process of creating learning modules based on our efforts. More to follow.
  6. We have incentive coins. These will recognize participant effort in providing the much needed data on raising/training practices. The coins will recognize achievement at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, and at deployment. Completing your records and videos will make you eligible for this incentive and we will recognize you and your dog on the Detection Dog Task Force website.
  7. We are having a database built that will live on the International Working Dog Registry. It will simplify a lot of what we do.
  8. We worked with Arete’ Canine on their preparation of a dozen dogs to be assessed by TSA. We collected C-BARQ surveys, DNA, and video of the preparation training. Video and data to follow.
  9. Though the National Detection Dog Conference was cancelled, we are setting up Remote Networking Opportunities to help you confer with national experts. The first one is tentatively scheduled for early July. More to follow