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Here are some guidelines for conducting the test:

  1. When submitting a hunt test video it must be continuous and without interruption or editing.
  2. Try not to retest in any phase, other than if it is clear the dog was not tracking a thrown towel during Chase Retrieve or Hidden Grass. If you find yourself trying 3 times you must assign the dog the lowest score.
  3. Most of the camera angles work, but make sure the dog’s head is being recorded while attentive to the person hiding the towel in Hidden 1 and Hidden 2.
  4. This is an assessment of the dog’s natural inclinations, not obedience. Use minimal control and remember that any correction will highly impact the pup’s performance.
  5. When using a long line/check line be acutely aware of where the line is when the pup takes off running. Leash burns hurt!
  6. If you purchase new flower pots, make sure you rinse them and leave them outside for a week or so before testing. Sometimes their odor can be very strong.
  7. Make sure the towels have been left in a container with your target odor for a couple of weeks before testing. After the test, rewash them in odor free detergent and then again in a wash cycle with no detergent, Dry without using dryer sheets. The cheap cotton bulk wash cloths or hand towels will shrink considerably.
  8. Roll the towels very tightly and have second towel at the ready. The towels should be secured with nothing but cotton string to prevent a contamination of odor. The diameter should be appropriate to the size of the dogs mouth.