Artificial Insemination

The AKC will register a litter that is produced through artificial insemination, provided that the following conditions are met.

For Fresh Semen:

For Fresh Extended Semen:

For Frozen Semen:

  • The collection of semen for the artificial breeding must have been reported to the AKC on the AKC Frozen Semen Collection Statement form. If the Semen was collected after October 1, 1998, the sire must be AKC DNA Profiled.
  • The collector/storer must be familiar with and complying with the AKC regulations for record keeping and identification of dogs.
  • The Application to Register a Litter Resulting from Artificial Insemination Using Frozen Semen must be submitted containing the certifications completed by the owner of the semen, the owner of the dam and the veterinarian who performed the artificial breeding, with the proper fee.
  • All sire owners must sign the form transferring ownership of the frozen semen.