Junior Report: Kai Macauley

My name is Kai Macauley. I am eight years old and live in Virginia. My dog's name is Sasha. She is a Papillon that I run in agility. It's different running Sasha because she's a smaller dog. I started learning agility on three bigger dogs that jump 24 and 20 inches. Smaller dogs are different to run. For example, when we are running and I look back, I have to look down instead of straight in the middle. There are some hard things to practice, but there are great things to be proud of too. Like trying to get our Masters in Jumpers and Standard and then our PACH. The best thing to be proud of is the fun and the joy of running my dog. I know I still have a long way to go, but I'm certain I'll get my PACH someday, even with our ups and downs.