Bowie In Training For Charity Marathon Walk

Bowie in Training For Charity Marathon Walk

Bowie is spending the summer helping his mom, Andrea Watson of Port Washington, NY, train for the AVON39: The Walk to End Breast Cancer.

“I entered this event and pledged to walk the 39 miles to honor my sister who has stage 4 breast cancer,” Andrea said. “Bowie and I are raising awareness and funds for this cause. Our hope is that if all of us got together, maybe the dream of a breast cancer-free world could become a reality!”

There are several AVON39 events planned around the country, and Andrea and Bowie plan to walk in the New York fund-raiser on Oct. 17-18. They have been walking every day in preparation for walking nearly 40 miles over two days.

“Bowie is amazing. When I just begin to entertain the thought of skipping a training day, Bowie nudges me with his sweet little nose and trots over to his leash. And he just stays there looking me in the eye until I put on my running shoes and grab the leash.  He is definitely keeping me on track.

“His energy is forever.  After walking up to 12 miles, we return home.  I am spent but he rests a moment or two and then trots up with his favorite toy for a game of catch.  But, after all, he is a 4 year-old Golden.  He is definitely my BFF.” Bowie is a member of the AKC Canine Partners community for all dogs.

Many charitable walks/runs allow owners to participate with their dogs. The American Cancer Society has a Bark for Life series of dog walks around the country. There are also many walk/runs that raise money for dog-related charities. Before starting a jogging program with your dog, check out these helpful tips from AKC