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The Azawakh is also known as the Tuareg Sloughi.

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  • General Appearance

    The Azawakh is an African sighthound of Afro-Asiatic type, which appeared in Europe towards 1970 and, comes from the Nigerian middle basin, among others, from the Valley of the Azawakh. For hundreds of years, he has been the companion of the nomads of the southern Sahara. Particularly leggy and elegant, the Azawakh gives a general impression of great fineness. His bone structure and musculature are transparent beneath fine and lean skin. This sighthound presents itself as a rangy dog whose body fits into a rectangle with its longer sides in a vertical position. Faults - Heavy general appearance.

  • Head

    Eyes - Almond shaped, quite large. Their color is in keeping with the coat color. Eye rims are pigmented. Ears - Set quite high. They are fine, always drooping and flat, quite wide at the base, close to the skull, never a rose ear. Their shape is that of a triangle with a slightly rounded tip. Their base rises when the hound is attentive. 

  • Body

     Neck - Good reach of neck which is long, fine and muscular, slightly arched. The skin is fine and does not form a dewlap. Topline - Nearly straight, horizontal or rising toward the hips. Withers are quite prominent. Body - Length of body/height at withers - 9:10. Length of body is 90 percent height of hound. This ratio may be slightly higher in bitches. Fault - Body too long. Chest - Height of chest/height at withers - about 4:10. Height of chest is 40 percent of height at withers. Well developed in length, deep but without reaching elbow level. It is not very wide, but must have enough space for the heart, so the sternal region of the chest must not abruptly become narrow. 

  • Forequarters

    Forequarters are seen as a whole: long, fine, almost entirely vertical. Shoulders - Long, lean and muscular and only slightly slanting seen in profile. The scapulohumeral angle is very open (about 130 degrees). Dewclaws - may or may not be removed. Feet - Rounded shape, with fine and tightly closed toes. Pads may be pigmented. 

  • Hindquarters

    Hindquarters are seen as a whole: long and lean; legs perfectly vertical. Thighs - Long and prominent with lean muscles. The coxofemoral angle is very open (about 130 degrees). Stifle - The femorotibial angle is very open (about 140 degrees). Hock - Hock joint and hock are straight and lean, without dewclaws. Feet - round shaped, with fine and tightly closed toes. Pads may be pigmented. 

  • Coat

    Skin - Fine, tight over the whole body. Hair - Short, fine, down to none on the belly. Color - Color and markings are immaterial. Serious Fault - Harsh or semi-long coat. Coat not identical to the standard.

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