36 Husky Dog Names for Your New Best Friend



With their fluffy coats and striking blue eyes, Siberian Huskies are always recognizable. Such an iconic dog needs an iconic name. Below are some names that would be perfect for a Husky.

Let's start with some names inspired by Alaska, the state where Huskies have been running sleds since the early 1900s:

Snowy - If you want something obvious

Frosty - Another obvious choice

Tundra - A powerful name that describes the land in northern Alaska

Timber - Another feature of Alaskan land

Alpine - Means relating to high mountains

Winter - Another logical Husky name




Polar - As in, "the polar ice caps" or "polar bear"

Aurora - After the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, which are visible in Alaska

Glacier - Or Glace, for short

Juno/Juneau - The name of a Roman Goddess, or the capital of Alaska

Now for some names inspired by sled dog racing, the sport the Siberian Husky was bred for:

Racer - An obvious choice

Dasher - Another appropriate sled dog name, also the name of one of Santa's reindeer

Blitzen/Blitz - A powerful name, and another one of Santa's reindeer

Comet - Another one of the famous reindeer; your Husky's coat may also be the same color as a comet

Togo - A famous sled dog that helped save the town of Nome, Alaska from a diphtheria epidemic




Balto - Another famous sled dog that also helped deliver the diphtheria medicine to Nome

Buck - The mutt turned sled dog at the center of Jack London's famous novel, "The Call of the Wild"

You might like a name that comes from the language of the Alaska Natives. The following examples are unique and meaningful:

Sesi - Snow

Suka - Fast

Nanuk - Polar bear

Miska - Little bear

Akira - Intelligent

Desna - Boss

Since the Husky breed originally came from Siberia, which is part of present day Russia, perhaps you would prefer a Russian name, like these:

Viktor/Viktoria - Sounds like victory

Ivan - After Ivan the Great

Rodion - A powerful name

Zhanna - A powerful name for a female dog

Nika/Niko - A cute, playful name

Anastasia - Who doesn't love this one?


Haven't yet seen anything that inspires you? Here are some more ideas:

Yukon - The Canadian province that lies east of Alaska

Qana - The Inuit word for falling snow

Terra - The Latin word for earth

Blaze/Blazer - As in trailblazer

Blue - After the color of some Huskies' eyes.

Electra - Perhaps your Husky has electric blue eyes

Saber - As in saber-toothed tiger

If you still haven't found something you like, check out our dog naming tool. You might also read our lists of the top 100 boy dog names, the top 100 girl dog names, unique dog names, or cute dog names for more inspiration.

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