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Field Spaniel
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The Field Spaniel, probably to greater extent than any variety within the great spaniel group, has gone through many exaggerations in type in order to arrive at the breed we have today. Phineas Bullock of England is credited with perpetuating a dog of tremendous body length and lowness to the ground, together with phenomenal bone which culminated for a time in a grotesque caricature of a spaniel. Although the breed was improved, considerable difficulty was encountered in establishing the modern Field Spaniel in the US due to the necessity for introducing Springer and Cocker crosses in order to eliminate the exaggerations. The breed was introduced to America in the 1880's but did not become a distinct breed from Cockers until the 20th century, when it was decided that anything above 25 pounds qualified as a Field Spaniel (the larger of the two types of land spaniel). Over time, the Field Spaniel has obviously developed other variances in type that separate it as a distinct breed, including its uniform dark color and level-headed personality.

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