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English Springer Spaniel
Did You Know
Looking for an English Springer Spaniel?

  • In 1902 the Kennel Club of England recognized the English Springer Spaniel as a distinct breed (particularly from English Cockers).
  • In 1881 the American Spaniel Club was founded.
  • In 1924 the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association was formed and the breed become more well known.
  • The name "springing spaniel" included in one classification the ancestral stock from which many of our present-day land spaniels emanated.
  • The AKC standard for the English Springer Spaniel, formed in 1927 and revised in 1932, was made as nearly as possible to foster the natural ability of the Springer, while encouraging uniformity within the breed.
  • The acceptable colors in the breed are black or liver with white, blue or liver roan, and tricolor. Lemon, red, and orange are considered unacceptable and "are not to place" according to the English Springer Spaniel standard in order to distinguish the colors of the English Springer Spaniel.

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