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Black Russian Terrier

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Large, robust and powerful, the Black Russian Terrier (BRT) was developed in Russia as a guard dog. Despite its name, the Black Russian is a member of the Working Group and not the Terrier Group. Their tousled double coat must be coal black and coarse in texture.

A Look Back

The Black Russian Terrier's history is one of mystery and intrigue. Following WWII, the Soviets sought to reintroduce purebred dogs into the mainstream. Red Star Kennel, the state operated organization chartered to provide working dogs for the armed services, actively developed a new breed, the Black Russian Terrier. Though the early Black Russian Terrier did not look the same as today's, Red Star was successful early on in producing a big, strong, unpretentious dog that didn't require extensive coat care, and that demonstrated trainability and aggression to serve the Soviet Union's needs.

Right Breed for You?

According to the Black Russian Terrier Club of America, Inc., a well-bred and socialized Black Russian Terrier is loving toward his family yet reserved around strangers. Just as their Soviet owners had envisioned them to be years ago, today's Black Russian Terrier has the instinct to guard and protect. Highly intelligent, he learns easily and remembers information (good or bad) for a long time. They require regular brushing and daily exercise.

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  • Working Group; AKC recognized in 2004.
  • Ranging in size from 26 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Guard/protection dog.

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