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As part of the American Kennel Club’s continual efforts to provide our valuable breeders with the best services for managing their business, the AKC created the Breeder Toolkit.  Since initial release in mid-2020, the platform has been expanded to be more user friendly and include additional features.

Litter and Dog Management, Breeding Records, Online Reports, Dog and Litter Registration, and much more are wrapped into one convenient, easy to use application, which replaces the Online Record Keeping System (ORKS).


Manage Litters: Purchase prepay, mange or purchase your electronic litter kit, view your official AKC Litter Records, register puppies, maintain ownership records for each puppy in the litter, view how many pups from the litter have been registered.

Manage Dogs:  Maintain a personalized list of AKC dogs you own or want to follow, view additional details about those dogs, save or print PDFs of your dogs’ records, download entry forms for dogs you are showing. You can also purchase a duplicate certificate for dogs you own.

Breeding Records:  Track matings and births, view the status of your puppies’ registrations, or take action to register the dog. If you were a previous ORKS user, any information you have there will be transitioned into Breeder Toolkit Breeding Records

Litter Coupons:  View the percentage of pups that have been registered, and once 100% registration is met for that litter, access your litter coupon directly from the Toolkit.

In addition to these robust features, you can create an emergency plan for your kennel or sign up for Bred with HEART, which is free for all breeders to join.

Quick links for AKC MarketPlace, AKC Reunite and AKC Pet Insurance are also available with more to come!

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