MA House of Representatives to Begin Debating State Budget, Two Amendments Impacting Working Dogs Tomorrow, 11/10/20
Last week, the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee released HB 5150, which establishes a state budget for 2021.  777 amendments to the bill have been filed for consideration, including two specifically impacting working dogs. Amendment #18 to H5150 – “Nero’s Bill” would allow emergency care and transportation for a police dog injured in the […] | November 9, 2020
Colorado: Denver Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Repeal of Breed Ban
Voters in Denver have overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that repeals the city’s 30-year breed ban. Ballot Proposal 2J, which was approved by an almost two-thirds margin, replaces the current ban on “pit bulls” with a new law that would allow residents to keep these dogs, with certain regulations. As outlined in a previous AKC […] | November 4, 2020

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