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Conformation Event Kit

Links to documents and forms needed to administer Conformation events are listed below. A club must have multiple blank copies of most of the forms available, so it is suggested that clubs print the forms prior to the event or have access to the forms and a printer available at the event. Some completed forms require multiple copies to be distributed. Clubs must be prepared to use mobile technology (Ex: Use a cell phone to capture a document and generate a PDF), a copier, or create multiple hand-written copies to meet the requirement to distribute multiple copies of a form.


Multiple blank printed copies of each form must be available at each event and the club must be prepared to create multiple copies of a completed form.

Reference Documents

These documents must be available for reference at an event. It is recommended that PDFs be downloaded to a device so that there is not a dependence on an internet connection.

Report of Dog Show or Obedience Trial Rules Applying to Dog Shows
Dog Aggression – Action by Event Committee Dealing with Misconduct at AKC Events
Disqualification for Attacking Procedural Checklist for Event Committee Hearings
Disqualification for Change in Appearance Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline
Junior Handler Certification (if offered) Show Manual
Junior Handler Memorandum (if offered) Dog Show Stewards
Report of FSS Open Show or 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Event (if offered) Rules, Policies, and Guidelines for Conformation Show Judges
Junior Showmanship Regulations (if offered)
4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Regulations (if offered)
FSS Open Show Regulations (if offered)
Disqualification and Reinstatement

Clubs must also have a copy of the latest edition of The Complete Dog Book or access to the breed standard ( for the breeds competing in the event.


If acting as a secretary for an Obedience trial, please reference the Obedience Trial Event Kit for Clubs page for additional documents and forms that may be required.


If acting as a secretary for an Rally trial, please reference the Rally Trial Event Kit for Clubs page for additional documents and forms that may be required.